Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Google Teacher Academy

Today was the big day where they announce who got the golden tickets for the Google Teacher Academy in New York. I was not among them.

I went into this process with the right attitude. I knew lots of teachers would apply and only a small percentage would be accepted. But I figured if odds stopped me from doing things, I would stay in bed all day. Besides - if you never ask, the answer is always no. I vowed that I would consider this a learning year and if I wasn't accepted, I would simply try again. That said, I put everything I had into the application and video. I am not especially great with video, but I thought it took my message forward. The more I worked my way through the application, the more I realized I really wanted this. I know lots of amazing educators, but GTAs seem to sit at the cool table. Hey, I'm cool. I could sit there, too!  So I submitted. We knew today was announcement day. I struggled with focus all day long. I checked my email every few minutes. I was all over my social networks - Plurk, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.  I wasn't the only one on pins and needles. I was in good company. Finally, at 3:16 Mountain time, I received the following email:

Hello -

Thank you for applying to the Google Teacher Academy. We're sorry to inform that you were not selected to attend this event. We appreciate the time and effort that you have committed to this application. Even though only a small number of applicants can be accepted, we know from experience that each applicant is a dedicated and innovative leader in education. Thank you for your service to your students and colleagues.

We hope that you'll consider applying for the next academy, and wish you luck in your continued endeavors.

Cheers and best,
The Google Teacher Academy Team

I must tell you, I was far more disappointed than I imagined I would be. And the networks were buzzing with others, who like me, missed out. One of our friends hadn't heard anything and we assumed that was good news for her. It was.

So I tried to absorb the news and be positive about it. but I realized quickly that to not admit to my sadness and disappointment belittled my true desire to be granted this honor. I came home and just acknowledged my sadness. Then I took a nap. It is amazing what a nap can do for you!

As I awoke, I realized the following: Tomorrow I get to go back and work with teachers  in two of the online classes I am teaching, Blogs and Wikis and Introduction to iPads. Later this month, I will travel across the state to offer Promethean training and then I will go to another school and work on technology integration with a focus on Google Apps.  I have a number of Google Apps workshops on my calendar in the coming months. In September, I am presenting at a Wyoming conference and they were so pleased with what I submitted to present that they asked me to present one of my four sessions during every session of the conference. (Ballroom C must stand for Crofut!) 

Nothing has really changed. I still get to do exactly what I love every day. Somehow I didn't convince Google that I am ready for the cool kids table, so I am taking the challenge. The next time the Academy is offered in the United States, I am in. I will get better with my video skills. I will continue to add to my credentials and, SOMEDAY, I will be at the Google Teachers Academy. I hope those Google people don't think they scared me off! I am too old to scare off. Shoot! What can they do? Tell me no again? Bring it!

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TracyRosen said...

Awesome reflection, Sherry. I ignored my rejection, I like how you stared yours in the eye and told it what for!