Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After promising to get back to my blog, I see it has again been a while. I keep telling myself busy is good. It's a good thing I love what I am doing!

This week we are spending our days in Guernsey (and Torrington), Wyoming with some truly awesome teachers. They are taking some time out of their summer vacation to come in and practice a few new technology skills! Every time I walk up to this school, I am greeted by the beautiful piece of art you see above. I am not sure who the artist is, but I find these two children with their books simply enchants me. The photo just does not do it justice either!

This afternoon we decided we should do a bit of exploring after our training was done and we saw some amazing places. Our first stop was to see the Oregon Trail ruts in Guernsey. Those are the ruts in the picture above. It is hard for me to fathom that the trail was worn so deeply
in some places that it is still visible this many years later. Yet there it is - history you can touch.

To continue our exploration, we went over to Register Cliff. It seems that travelers along the
way, carved their names and, in some cases, the year they were there in the
rocks of the cliff. Over the ye
ars, many people have continued the tradition so there are many names there. Getting to see names and dates from the 1800s continued to amaze me. I had to admit, I was tempted to carve my name in there with the others, but somehow it just didn't seem to belong.

When we arrived back in Torrington, we went to the park and watched the Platte River run. Like many places in the country today, the water is running fast and high. I heard that there is a church in town that is sandbagging, just in case. There is so much flooding in places and I hope they don't see it here!

I enjoyed our little adventure this afternoon greatly, but I have enjoyed talking about Google Docs, Google searches, and iGoogle so far. Tomorrow we are going to talk a bit of Promethean boards, blogs, wikis, and a few other tools. I just don't think life can get much better than this! I am one lucky woman to get to travel and talk to great teachers about things I am passionate about!

Until next time!


elysabeth said...

That first picture captured my attention too - I so wanted to think that was in front of a library, but still awesome. The Cliff signing thing - that would be an awesome sight to see - something to add to my books when I get to Wyoming - thanks for sharing with us - E :)

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Where will the adventure take you next?

SherryC said...

Perhaps I can help with South Dakota, too! :-)