Thursday, June 26, 2008

Long Overdue Update!

I knew it had been a while since I have written in my blog, but opening it surprised me just HOW long. The reason is a sad one. First after winning the Milken award, I was pretty overwhelmed. It is an amazing and humbling experience. Then on December 10th, the unthinkable happened. My parents were in a car accident and my mother was killed instantly. My father had a broken neck, among other injuries. December 27th, he had surgery, which went well. Then there were problems getting him off the ventilator. That finally happened. He spent time in the hospital and then time in the rehabilitation hospital. Finally, insurance sent him off. Because he still needed medical care, we had no choice but to put him in a nursing home. That was a very difficult decision. We always promised we wouldn’t. But it turned out fine. One of our friends is a nurse and surprise – the week he went to the nursing home she had taken over as Director of Nursing. She was such a blessing.

Dad had a bout of pneumonia which sent him back to the hospital for a few days, but by Easter he was doing well enough to take him out for the day. We had a great day. He ate more food that day than I think he did in all the months leading up to that. Tuesday after Easter, I told him we would get him out more often, but that I was heading to California for the Milken conference. We had a great visit. Unfortunately, it was our last. On Saturday, March 29th – two hours before the Milken Conference began – my Dad had a heart attack and passed away. When I got the call, I was going to come right home, but my sister’s called back and told me there was nothing I could do for Dad and he would be upset if I missed the conference. With a heavy heart, I stayed. While it was hard to focus, the conference was awesome.

Since then, I have been trying to pick up the pieces. I missed a lot of school during those four months and had to get caught up. We are working through probate to get my parents’ estate settled – something I knew VERY little about, but am still learning.

One great thing happened – my husband and I are buying a house. We actually are leasing it for a few months until I get all the financing in order, but I love the place. I kind of feel like my parents are helping me arrange some things.

Mom’s birthday would have been May 8th. That was tough, as were Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, my birthday, and my sons’ graduations. I have heard the first year is tough, but I know we are all pulling together to get through.

Chris graduated from college on May 17th and left for Kansas on the evening of May 18th. He has a wonderful job at an aerospace firm and has already started taking more college classes at TWO colleges. Go Shockers!

Jamie graduated from high school and we just took a trip to Minnesota to get him registered and set up at Southwest Minnesota State University. Move-in day is going to come on me pretty quick. Not sure I am ready for my baby to be off to college, but ready or not….Go Mustangs!

Tony will be home with me this next year and complete his automotive mechanic program at Western Dakota Technical School. At least I won’t have a completely empty nest!

I am currently visiting Chris in Wichita, on my way to San Antonio for NECC! I am so excited!

Now that my blog is sort of caught up, I hope to blog about all the fabulous stuff I learn. I hope I get to meet so many of you there! Twitter me. Message me. Find me! Have fun! See you soon!


diane said...

Words fail me. I'm dmcordell on Twitter; I hope we meet up at NECC.

Tracy Rosen said...

I had been wondering why you weren't around. I was stunned to read about your losses though not as stunned with the strength you seem to have kept throughout them. My thoughts are with you - and I wish you an amazing, fulfilling time at NECC!

ps - congrats on the house!

SherryC said...

Diane - I will be around. I added you to Twitter!

Tracy - I am not sure strength is the right word. Some days getting out of bed was hard until I remembered that it was a choice. My parents would not be pleased if I CHOSE to wallow in self-pity (although I did dunk myself a few times!) Losing parents is a tough thing, but I guess at some point most of us experience it. I will have to post some pics of the house! It is awesome! Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sherry,

Through a Google alert for Milken (I work in the Foundation's communications department)I came across your blog. On my, how I wish I had known about your personal circumstances at NEC so that I could have offered my support. I've lost both parents but have experienced some precious and surprising ways to keep them alive in my life. Sounds as if you have too with your wonderful new home.

I'd love to follow you on twitter. I'm a newbie but am agog over it!

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help, or if you just want to chat.

Warmest regards,
Barbara Bowers

Media & Public Affairs Manager
Milken Family Foundation
1250 Fourth St.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 570-4773