Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Milken Award

How can one respond to being honored with a Milken Award? I am still feeling shock. Yesterday seems quite blurry at this point. I do remember that when I heard my name the only thing I could think was that I suspected I needed to stand up and walk to the stage and was not certain I had the power to do so. I could not hold back the tears. I know several people spoke after that - including me - but I have very little recollection of what was said! My Milken bio needs updating, but it is online.

I am struggling a bit with how I was the one in our state that was chosen for this award. I know teachers all across this state and there are so many amazing ones. I know how much I love what I do and how much I love working with "my" kids. This year, however, the switch from being a computer teacher to an English and Social Studies teacher has been extremely challenging. (English teachers work really HARD!) I do a number of additional duties at school, mostly because I can't help myself. When my principal asks for volunteer, my hand just shoots up. I have no control! (Okay, I admit - I enjoy the extra stuff!) I spend a lot of time as the building technology leader, too. I am so happy when my teachers start using technology. I had one teacher this morning drag me over to look at a PowerPoint he put together. He was so proud and I loved that he was using visuals in his class.

I had a room FULL of students after school today. They were making sure they were caught up and some asked to see a video I had shown today with Vincent Price doing the Tell-Tale Heart. I was surprised that they would want to see it again.

Excited teachers, engaged students - this is why I come in each day. The Milken Award - Wow! what a bonus! Does life get any better than this? I doubt it!

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The Rapid City Journal
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TMestad said...

I can't think of a more deserving person for this award. Congratulations! I was cheering at the TV the whole time the newscast was on. Great job! It's nice to see someone that deserves the recognition get it! :o)


Pete Reilly said...

Congratulations! I love your enthusiasm and the sense of gratitude you have. As a leader, it's good to remember, you are worthy of this. It is not "luck". Owning your success and your gifts is an important part of the journey.

LBennett said...

Congratulations Sherry! What a fantastic honor for you and very well deserving! Liz :)